Avengers, Assemble!

Hey fellow Avengers!

Welcome to my new blog, The Daily Avenger.

This is more than just a movie blog, this is a movie blog fully dedicated to the Marvelous works of the comic book and superhero movie legends, Marvel Studios™.

The Daily Avenger is like your own newspaper for Most of the new detail, rumors and theories on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its growth, and always a quick little review for the latest movies.

And don’t worry, I will warn for spoilers. Just don’t forget to check the tags of the post Before reading the post as well as the spoiler alerts that are written just before the start of the spoiling section of the post. Then you will be spoiler-free!

On the other side of things,

I won’t be super consistant on posting and won’t pick up all the tiny details, considering I’m still in school and don’t have all the time in the world. But I will try my absolute best to keep every one in the loop when it comes to our favourite thing in the world, Marvel and its Heroes :). And I will also not tolerate any rude or hurtful comments to myself, the actors and actresses mentioned or any of the blog followers. Anyone who tries to commit this sort of act will be reported.

But putting all that aside, I hope that you enjoy this blog, and that you find the posts informative, fun and interesting.

Happy blogging, Avengers!


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