Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

We are now officially under 100 days away from the release of the long awaited Captain America: Civil War!

In the midst of all the excitement, it would be a great idea to look a little further into the teams of which have been made in the awakening of the battle between allies.

We all know that this is a battle between opinions. After the large amount of collateral damage caused by the Avengers in the last two major battles, Tony Stark decides to support the decision of the the senate; to bring upon a superhero registration act, of which forces superheroes of all kinds to be held accountable to all their actions during battle and allows the government to interfere with their attempts of heroism. Steve, on the other hand, wants the Avengers to be able to free from government intervention and allowed to save humanity from the highest of terror and problems without being ‘babied’ around by the already cautious government of America. The Avengers then fracture into two camps led by both Steve and Tony, and the Civil War begins.

Warning: Spoilers for previous movies and possibly for the upcoming movie below

So, Who is with who?

Below are the two lists, Team Cap and Team Iron Man, with the Heroes and their possible reasons for joining each team.

  • Team Cap
  • Falcon: So this is an obvious pairing. After the events of CATWS and his newly found alliance with Cap, Falcon/Sam Wilson sticks to Cap’s side in the Civil War. With a new exo, of coarse. And a new sidekick… Redwing (Finally!).
  • Hawkeye: It is unknown why Hawkeye would take to Team Cap in the war, but after an interview sesh at Wizard World, Renner says that it “Makes sense for Hawkeye to be where he is”. Looks like we’ll have to wait *Sighs*
  • Scarlett Witch: After AOU’s intense final battle sequence, Wanda reserves her spot as an Avenger after stepping out the door. Though if we look back to the early storyline of AOU, the main reason to why Wanda was fighting against the Avengers was due to the bombing death of her parents, caused by a Stark Industries bomb. She was from then on, on a mission to kill Tony, so it would make sense that she avoided Stark this time, leaving her in Team Cap.
  • The Winter Soldier: Look, there is no question here. Once Falcon and Cap finally found the Winter Soldier (End Credits Scene at the end of Ant-Man) He had recollected most of his long term memories, and remembered who Steve was. So to make Stucky bloom, they Team up for a large battle between the heroes of today.
  • Ant-Man/Giant-Man: You’re probably thinking, since when is he with the Avengers. Well, after a friend of a friend of a friend spoke to Falcon, and learnt of his search for a man who can shrink to the size of an ant in Ant-Man, Scott Lang has been recruited to join the Avengers with his suit and a few upgrades *Squeee*. As Sam and Scott make up for bashing each other up at Stark’s facility, Scott keeps close to Steve and Sam, Ending up in Cap’s side.
  • And maybe even Sharon Carter/Agent 13!  *Excited squealing*

Looks like a decent line up for Cap.

  • Team Iron Man
  • Vision: Another obvious pairing. Like JARVIS would ditch his master for Cap….
  • War Machine: Rhodey is Tony’s bestie, and what sort of a person would not support the one who is giving them the suit which allows them to do their heroic duties.
  • Black Widow: This is another unknown, as Black Widow would be considered to be with Cap, as she was his counter part in CATWS, though she has also a considerable history with Tony. Some suggest its because all her secrets have been splattered all over the web, making her feel as if she has no secrets to hide and that the damage that has been done should be accountable for.

And a very powerful line up for Iron Man.

There are a few heroes which have been confirmed but are currently left under the neutral side of things; Black Panther, who makes his MCU cameo in Civil War, and Spidey, who finally gets his shot at being an Avenger, though it’s been said that the only shot he gets in this film is a speech at the live press conference. It also has been stated that Black Panther starts off as a neutral fighter, but slowly joins Team Iron Man, possibly due to the alliance Tony holds through his ‘kingdom’,Wakanda (Vibranium source site, spoken about in AOU)

And we also have a new villain making the Civil War even more painful, Crossbones/Brock Rumlow. After the scene in CATWS, showing him burnt and injured with his cross straps across his chest, we are given a hint as to who will be after Cap next. So it looks like Cap has two people on his tail now..

Now I guess it’s just a long wait to see how this all pans out. Who will win? Who will Die? What will Happen? Will Stucky live on?

Will Steve Die?

Happy Blogging, Avengers. Peace out 🙂



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