2016: The year of the MCU

Phase Three is less than 3 months from it’s launch, and with 11 movies lined up across a 4 year period, 2016 is gearing up to have some of the most intense in the Marvel cinematic universe. It’s almost too exciting to handle!

What’s in store for this year?

Although not a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,I thought this one would be a good one to include in this year’s line up list. Deadpool is already receiving amazing critic reviews, long before its Feb 11/12 release. Who doesn’t like a not-so-ordinary hero who enjoys Chimichangas a little too much? With Machetes on hand, Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds chucks himself into the hero scene with his new healing mutation, allowing him to do whatever he wants without the getting killed. This movie is gonna be the comedy movie we need to make the pain of Civil War a little less. Though, if you’re not good with gore, this one has already shown through trailers that it’s not gonna be the one for you.

Coming back to the real stuff, Civil War marks the starting line of Phase Three, flying into our screens Apr 28/29. Marvel nerds have already been left in shock with the intense trailer that was released late last year, showing possible character deaths and large battles between who we thought were allies. Check out my last post for more info on the Teams and confirmed info from the Civil War trailer and media releases.

And last but not least, Doctor Strange joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his solo debut self-titled film. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch (Or Benesnich Cabbachpatch, as I call him), we are set to be immersed in Stephen Strange’s origin story November 3/4. It apparently starts after his career falls into the dumps. Through certain circumstances, he eventually becomes the Superior Sorcerer of the Earth. This brings the first sorcerer into the world of avenging. We need a little bit of light magic in the MCU (hopefully it is light.. We have had enough dark magic already)

So, with an intense set of movies placed on the list for 2016, who isn’t excited for the releases. Though on the other hand, it’s also going to be a very emotional year for the MCU.

Looks like I’ll be buying some Midnight Screening tix (and tissues) in the next couple of months.

Happy Blogging, Avengers. Peace out.



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