Swinging into the latest news

It’s time!

With new updates brought forward every single day across a wide range of new platforms, It’s about time we condense the latest updates into my very first news blurb. This isn’t like the long posts that are made to inform you about the upcoming MCU movies. Think of it as more of a page on a newspaper with multiple small updates on the latest in the Marvel world today. So if you’re too lazy to read all those different websites just to find out what the hell is going on, here is the place to be.

Finally, after months of watching photos of the Civil War set scroll past our eyes with no sign of Spidey, our minds can be set to rest. Just recently, photos of Tom Holland, The new Peter Parker, have been released on social media by Producer Louis D’Esposito. It shows Tom inside what looks like one of the quinjets with Louis, with what looks like bruising around his eye. Could this be showing us that he might actually be fighting in the Civil War? Rumor has it that he lands himself a spot on Iron Man’s side. I guess it’s the science bro pact…

Tim Holland on the set of Civil War

In other news from a little while back, James Gunn, writer of Guardians of the Galaxy, has posted a picture of the front cover of what looks like one of the 6 drafts of GOTG Vol.2. *que squealing*. Production officially starts on the 15th of Feb, and is due to finish 15th of August, for a May release in 2017. Gunn, in an interview, came out about the movie, stating that it’s set to be ‘more emotional’ as we get deeper into the history of each of the characters. We will also possibly see Quill’s father in this GOTG Sequel.

James Gunn confirms he is writing the script for GOTG Vol.2

On the topic of the filming of GOTG, It has been confirmed that the Infinity Wars will begin filming in November of this year, and the Directors, the Russo Brothers, will switch from part 1 to 2 concurrently. It is still uncertain where they will be filmed, and who is set to take part in both the films. Infinity War Part One is to make is debut in cinemas May 2018

Infinity Wars Part One and Two to begin filming in November 2016

These news updates will come to you every Wednesday, with a special Monthly Update at the end of each month.

Happy Blogging, Avengers! Peace out.


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