Happy Thorsday, Avengers!

This is just the first Thorsday post of many to come. Every Thursday I will do a special post based on anything revolving around Thor and the movies he appears in. So in good fashion, I decided to start this weekly reading ritual with a post on the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Gems.

As seen in the Mid-credits scene of AOU, Thanos has possession of one of the two Infinity Gauntlets. The catch is that he has the one that doesn’t hold the apparent Infinity Stones in it. The half-complete one is hidden inside a vault in the depths of Asgard; Or so we think. Theories have stated that the ‘Infinity Stones’ that we see, such as the yellow mind stone on Vision’s forehead, actually withhold the powers that are needed to be sucked into the ‘Stones’ inside the half-complete Infinity Gauntlet hidden in Asgard.

Thanos in the AOU Mid-Credits Scene

But we all know that the full Gems will end up in Thanos’ Gauntlet..

So we know where both the Infinity Gauntlets are living in the MCU at the moment. But one thing we don’t know is where all the gems have gone to, and where are the final two hidden?


In most recent times in the MCU, we have found of 4 of the 6 Infinity Gems. These are:

  • The Space Gem-Tesseract
  • The Mind Gem-Scepter/Vision
  • The Reality Gem-Aether
  • And The Power Gem-Orb

These Gems are held in various locations across the galaxy. They are:

  • Space Gem-With Heimdall in Asgard
  • Mind Gem– In Vision’s forehead
  • Reality Gem– With The Collector
  • Power Gem– With Nova Corp in Zandar.

There are 2 of the Gems left to be found. These are the Soul Gem and the Time Gem. 

One of the early discoveries in the MCU, was that Marvel had strategically planned the names of the ‘Cases’ or ‘Holders’ of the Gems to, if placed in the right order, spell out Thanos’ name. This gives us a hint into where the last gems could be held. tumblr_ne9ju2ruhG1rky9upo1_500

Here we see that the missing Gems are held under the letters ‘H’ and ‘N’. This is where the large amounts of theories begin. From all of my web surfing, here are the most likely ‘Holders’ of both the Soul and Time gems.

The Soul Gem: As shown above, the Soul gem’s ‘Holder’ starts with a ‘H’. Notice that the Gem is an Amber colour and is quite smooth and round compared to the other gems. Now take a look at Heimdall, the Gatekeeper of Asgard and of all nine realms, and his Amber coloured eyes.3-ways-avengers-age-of-ultron-sets-up-civil-war-thor-ragnarok-black-panther-607284

See a resemblance in colour? And how coincidental is it that his name starts with ‘H’. If you look back to both Thor and Thor: The Dark World, you would have heard him talk to Thor about seeing the souls of every living person in all nine realms, and how every time someone dies, he isn’t able to see their soul anymore. The Soul Gem gives the holder the power to read anyone’s soul. So it makes sense that he holds the power of the Soul gem.

And what about the Time Gem? There are little theories as to where the Gem could show up in the lead up to the Infinity War, though out of the few, there is one that stands out as the most possible. Doctor Strange holds the Eye of Agamotto, which is known to have manipulative powers when it comes to past, present and future. Although it doesn’t start with an ‘N’, it could possibly have a nickname or the name of the casing that surrounds the possible Time Gem could begin with an ‘N’. Remember, Doc Strange is a sorcerer, so the names for Gems and powerful ailments are likely to be under different names.

In the latest pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch in costume for Doctor Strange, it shows a green ‘Gem’ inside the amulet. So could this mean we will find the second last Gem sooner than we thought?doctor-strange-2016-movie.jpg

We are gearing closer and closer to finding the actual answers to all our theories. My theories are based on many different theories created by Marvel fanatics, but these are what I, as a dedicated Marvel fan, believe are the most likely to be true.

And anyways, who doesn’t like watching your favourite movies and finding things that all along, were hiding from your eyes?

I guess that’s it for the first Thorsday post!

Happy Blogging, Avengers! Peace Out.


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