7 reasons why you wouldn’t want to mess with Thor

Hey Avengers!

We all know Thor is like a marshmallow. When he isn’t out fighting the evil forces of the nine realms, he is a complete softy, and can sometimes end up looking like a complete dork (Not like that’s makes him any less attractive..)

But you would never want to mess with him. Here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. He could beat the crap out of you at anytime. As we have seen before, Thor has beaten stone giants in one swing and even used his almighty powers to smash a freaking country into smitherines while it was floating. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to even be around if Thor kicks someone else’s ass.
  2. Forget being able to go to the toilet. All it takes is for Thor to place the Mjolnir onto the toilet lid, and you’re stuffed. If you ain’t worthy, and Thor is holding a grudge, that hammer isn’t going to move any time soon. Looks like the bushes it is.Thor-Spidey-Cap-Toilet.png
  3. His Father is Odin of Asgard. If you mess with the King of the Nine realms’ son, you’re literally messing with the King himself. Say goodbye to your free life on Earth. You’ll be spending the rest of what is in you, inside the dungeons of Asgard, probably next to Loki.
  4. No more sun for you. You’ve seen Thor cause a flood of rain when he was on Earth. I am sure he will make your life miserable by having a little patch of rain over your head, and your head only.200_s.gif
  5. You’ll end up a literal loner. I’m sure Thor knows every inch of the nine realms that he is set to rule, so he will have no trouble finding you a nice little spot on a planet somewhere, that has no life at all. And he also won’t hesitate to chuck you on the first ship to that planet.
  6. His Allies are way too powerful. I guess, Thor himself would probably do the job himself. But you wouldn’t want The Avengers to hate you, right? If your answer was yes, I would keep on the good side of Thor, otherwise you could end up as a human shield.avengers009.gif
  7. He is Thor. No arguments here. I wouldn’t mess with a god even if I was stronger than him..

So I guess that sums it up. Don’t.Mess.With.Thor

Happy Blogging, Avengers šŸ™‚ Peace Out


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