Hola, Avengers!

Tony Stark has lead himself and The Avengers through many major battles against the forces of evil and won every single one so far. All that fighting would make any human being hungry. So behold! The list of Tony Stark Approved foods from Iron Man 1, 2 and 3, as well as The Avengers.

Blueberries– According to Joss Whedon, RDJ likes to hide food around the set and eat them during filming. It just happened to be that Joss decided to keep the blueberry shot in the end result. I guess blueberries are now in the spotlight after their moment in The Avengers. Tony Stark Approved!

Randy’s Donuts-This was one of the most famous Iron Man scenes. It’s not everyday that a man with a suit of armor, sits in the middle of a massive donut, eating a smaller donut. He didn’t want to get out of that donut, either. I think Tony likes Randy’s Donuts a little too much. Randy’s donuts; Tony Stark Approved!

Shawarma– Waking up after a near-death experience, and Hulk’s really loud screams, Tony suggests a visit to the nearby Shawarma joint, which he had noticed a few blocks away while fighting the Chitauri. In the Mid-Credits scene in The Avengers, It shows a run down Avengers with empty plates across the table. Tony must have enjoyed it. Shawarma; Tony Stark Approved!

Pepperoni NY Pizza– No surprises here. Stark had his favorite, Pepperoni NY Pizza, given to him by his business partner, Obadiah Stone. Only your favorite foods help when you have gone through a lot during the day. Pizza; Tony Stark Approvedtumblr_meulm4mdFH1rhfv1lo1_1280




American Cheeseburgers– After a run with a bunch of Afghani terrorists, Tony Stark finally arrives home, back to his old life. But of coarse, the press want to see him straight away. So to fuel his tired and beaten up body, he decides an American Cheeseburger is the way to go. American Cheeseburger; Tony Stark Approved.

I hearby name these foods, Tony Stark Approved!

Happy Blogging, Avengers! Peace Out.


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